CLASSIC GROUP | investments & consulting

About us

The Classic Group (formerly known as the Gupta Family) is a company that started from very humble beginnings as a business house established by the late visionary Shri. Baburam Gujarmal Gupta. The business experience spans over 5 decades and has its roots in the late 50’s when late Shri. Baburam Gujarmal Gupta and his family set foot on Mumbai soil. The company carried out business in trading, commission agents, dealing in imports and exports and providing advisory consultancy in the same field.

The Group soon expanded and covered a broad spectrum of industry, viz. Financial and Real Estate Investments, Management Consulting, creating value for society and customers at large, business associates, shareholders and employees.

With the technological and commercial growth in India’s economy over the last two decades, the Group Enterprise Value now exceeds INR 500 million and is poised to soon touch the INR 1 billion mark.

Today, the Group’s core domain continues to be in the field of:

  • Finance and Investments in all spectrums of the Real Estate and Property business
  • Investments into Equities and Joint Ventures
  • Business and Management Consulting
The Classic Group is poised to continue its strength and focus on the Real Estate Sector and Management Consulting.