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Group History

The Classic Group (formerly known as the Gupta Family is a company that started from very humble beginnings as a business house established by the late visionary Shri Baburam Gujarmal Gupta. The business experience spans over 5 decades and has its roots in the late 50’s when late Shri. Baburam Gujarmal Gupta and his family set foot on Mumbai soil. The company carried out business in trading, commission agents, dealing in imports and exports and providing advisory consultancy in the same field.

The business performed exceptionally well and grew to great heights till the advent of the 1970s when late Shri. Baburam Gupta felt that that all his sons needed to expand and diversify. This was when his sons would take the reins of the family business and start on their own. Each of Shri. Baburam Gupta’s sons continued to usher growth to the family business independently.

This proved to be a great turn for the Gupta family business. Mr. Manoharlal Gupta, one of the sons, established a business that would never look back on its founder’s vision. With the blessings of well wishers and his entrepreneurial efforts, Mr. Manoharlal Gupta’s business grew multifold. The main business carried out at that time was imports/exports and trading. Within a few years, this business did exceptionally well, winning the trust of more associate clients and crossing the Indian boundaries with a solid reputation. Extensive travels across the world helped him chart new horizons in business and establish a foundation for building wealth and capital that would fuel the future of the Gupta family business to the present day Classic Group.

Looking at the growth of the industrial economy in the last 30 years, the Group believed that concentrating their attention on the manufacturing/industrial sector would help the company achieve higher growth levels. The company took initiatives to establish and build associations in the manufacturing sector of paper printing and consumer beverages, but did not meet success due to regulatory, sectoral and technological advancements in the respective industries. This was also the time when Mr. Manoharlal Gupta’s next generation successor Mr. Vinit Kumar Gupta, his son, would team up to improving performance and seeking avenues for growth.

During the early 1990s with the advent of liberalization and globalization in imports/exports, this sector would soon lose its financial lucrativeness. The family realized the reality of globalization and quickly understood that the best suited mode of business would be in trading, investments and consulting (service activities).

This was a turning point where Mr. Manoharlal Gupta was quick and decisive to switch over to real estate and property investments in and around Mumbai, Nasik, the Holy town of Shirdi, and few other towns across the country.

During this time his son (Vinit Kumar Gupta) along with Shalini Gupta, would inculcate the same business values and put in all their expertise in solidifying business operations, giving it the corporate finesse. With strong business acumen, this young entrepreneur paved the way to the company now called the Classic Group.

During this time, the business was firmly established into the following areas:

  • Real Estate and Property Investments
  • Investments into Joint Venture projects and Private Equities
  • Trading and Merchandise Activities
  • Business and Management Consulting

The Group soon expanded and covered a broad spectrum of industry, viz. Financial and Real Estate Investments, Management Consulting, creating value for society and customers at large, business associates, shareholders and employees.

With the technological and commercial growth in India’s economy over the last two decades, the Group Enterprise Value now exceeds INR 500 million and is poised to soon touch the INR 1 billion mark.

Today, the Group’s core domain continues to be in the field of:

  • Finance and Investments in all spectrums of the Real Estate and Property Business
  • Investments into Equities and Joint Ventures
  • Business and Management Consulting
The Classic Group is poised to continue its strength and focus on the Real Estate Sector and Management Consulting.





The Classic Group Timeline
The late Shri. Baburam Gujarmal Gupta and his family set foot on Mumbai soil. Business commences in trading and commission agents..
After garnering growth in the field of imports-exports, trading and commission agents, the Gupta family plans to expand.
The late Shri Baburam Gupta's sons expanded, diversified and set up their own business. Shri. Manoharlal Gupta took his business to greater heights and paved the way for the Gupta family to reach greater levels of success.
Extensive travel across the world helped Shri Manoharlal Gupta chart new horizons in business and establish a foundation for building wealth and capital that would fuel the future of the Gupta family business to the present day Classic Group.
Vinit Kumar Gupta, along with Shalini Gupta take the reins of the company with their high levels of expertise and diverse into Investments and Business Management Consulting.
The Classic Group stands a frontrunner in the field of Finance and Investments and Business Management Consulting with the goal of touching the INR 1 billion mark.

Prem Rani Gupta (1946 - 2007)

A strong entrepreneur and Director of the company since inception, her skills were legendary. She followed an 'open-door' policy where anyone could discuss their issues with her. She had a special way of dealing with different groups of people, employees, stakeholders, clients and partners. Today, her spirit still plays an integral role in the functioning of the
Classic Group.