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Management Consulting Services


In today's complex business environment, close partnerships are critical to ensuring growth and uniformity throughout functioning of a business.

We help businesses make efficient use of their financial, human, material, and other resources and source the best deals so as to help them achieve their business goals.

Business Plans
We help our associates to formulate and present their business plans to investors. This enables our associates to concentrate on their core business while we take care of the rest.

New / Existing Projects
The Consulting Division plays a vital role in helping our associates to get maximum benefit from their existing and new projects, devising plans to execute the same along with setting up timelines towards the objectives.


We utilize our insights in investment banking and establish deep relationships with both the client as well as potential investors

India’s rapid economic growth, relaxation of regulatory constraints in several sectors and active stock markets have made India an attractive destination for private equity investments. With a strong knowledge of brands and equities in the country, the Classic Group provides healthy solutions to benefit from this segment.

Mergers /Acquisitions & Joint Ventures
We assist in all aspects of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures. From planning to execution, we anticipate our associates’ needs and respond creatively as we define the key issues and develop practical solutions to the most challenging matters. And with substantial experience in the field, we deliver a truly global perspective.

Fund Managers
We have relevant experience, size and creativity in acting as fund managers funds for our associates. We ensure wealth is grown and protected


The consulting division works with a certain objective in mind - to expand channel partner options, replace outdated strategies, expand penetration and boost sales and profits for the associate. This can be summarised as under:

  • Choosing the right channel partner for your market business growth  needs
  • Effectively negotiate terms with prospective channel partners ….
  • Define and implement a new partner / business expansion “start-up” action plan
  • Describe key elements to be included in contracts and agreements
  • Determine your channel partners’ Value Pyramid

Branch Network
We help in setting up pan India multiple business network.  Negotiating with the developers and landlords to source the best possible deals in the market is our forte – real estate consulting

Our experience enables us to identify and focus our attention on only the genuine prospects, or "hot leads". We study your profile and look out only for those seriously interested in investing in your franchise business. It is only at this stage that we will arrange for the applicant to connect with you.

Dealers & Distributors
We can help you source some dynamic and enterprising dealers and distributors, waiting for some innovative products new product to come along. They are willing to walk that extra mile, to convert and create customers for better profitability.

Our focus areas are:


  • To handle all areas of Business Development, including:
    • New projects
    • Company Stores
    • Branch Network
    • Franchisees
    • Distributors
    • Dealers
  • To structure suitable deals between business associates and create business partnerships and appropriate structures as per the business model.
  • To discuss and negotiate with the right prospective partners / local developers / owners suitable for the project.
  • To study the proposed offer / location / project and negotiate the same with prospective associates / partners.
  • To discuss the projects with respective Business Consultants and all other channel partners.
  • Prepare a synopsis / concept note on the Offer / Location / Project / Promoters Group and the proposed project.
  • Co - ordination / Communication / Business representations and follow up.
  • To do all the preliminary work, liaisoning, project planning, meeting partners, architects, site visits, concept presentations, representations etc.
  • Paper work / Documentation / Site visits / Business meetings. 
  • Deal Negotiations, Business Model Finalization, Term Sheets and Agreements.
  • To study and give suitable recommendations for legal / statutory approvals for the project. 
  • To obtain suitable necessary approvals / permissions for the project from various authorities, offices etc.
  • To recommend multiple phases of the project which includes local office, project team, marketing and branding strategy, distribution channel, business plan, etc.
  • General Management (Strategy, planning, operations and marketing).

We offer the following services to individuals, retailers and corporate business houses:

  • Advisory consulting on consumer and industry research
  • Strategy / Conceptualization of Business Plans / Models
  • Identification and Finalization of Business Partnerships
  • Franchise and Distribution Strategy
  • Marketing, Branding and Sales Strategy / Management
  • Investments and Marketing in Real Estate
  • General Management

We use a holistic approach, strategic thinking and creative solutions.