CLASSIC GROUP | investments & consulting

Talent Policy

We believe in hiring the best talent, and to this end we go all out in identifying the best fit.
For us talent is a subset of attitudes and competencies, with specific domain experience and knowledge.

We believe in investing in people through training and development. For us training is an ongoing activity, and we believe in continuously enhancing skills and competencies of our employees.

Employment Growth & Development
We facilitate growth and development of our employees. We strongly believe in grooming internal talent to take on higher management responsibilities. We strongly believe in providing Career Plans to our employees, based on their present performance and potential.

Work Culture
We continuously strive to provide a professional work culture with infrastructure which is world class and the ambience making it a great place to work.

Employee Mobility
We encourage mobility of our employees within the company and within the group. We provide opportunity for our employees to work on international projects.

Respect for Employee
We believe in respect to employees, and ensure that this value is inculcated amongst all our employees.