CLASSIC GROUP | investments & consulting

Our Values

Classic Group business ethics promote higher levels of excellence. The Group’s values of Customer Sovereignty, People Orientation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Transparency and Integrity, Passion for Superior Performance, Anticipation, Speed and Flexibility propel it to perform and excel in all spheres of the business.

We rigorously maintain high standards of truthfulness, honesty, high values and constantly earn the trust of our associates, clients, investors, employees and stake holders. Our business is built on the foundation of Integrity and Ethics. We follow utmost integrity in all our interactions with partners, associates, clients, employees and others. We firmly believe high standards of ethical behaviour in every decision we take across organization is fundamental to creating trust between the company and all its stake holders. We believe ethical decisions even if not profitable are the key to long term success of the company.

Win Win Relationships
We believe in partnership approach and work towards creating a long term win win partnership between the Group businesses and all its stake holders.

Mutual Respect
We believe that every human being is unique and has some thing to offer to the society and should be respected. This philosophy is reflected in all our dealings.

Pursuit of Excellence
We focus on maintaining highest level of quality in all our projects and services. Excellence in everything we do is what differentiates us from the rest. We work hard towards creating a team with passion for excellence in their respective areas. We consistently keep pace with ever changing technology to support and enhance our output.

Key Differenciators - Our Approach

As we strive to make our businesses and services better than ever we also strive with greater enthusiasm to apply the highest international standards of corporate governance to protect and enhance the value created for all our stakeholders. Guided by our business objectives and the core values of accountability, integrity, fairness and transparency we are moving towards the future with more confidence that Classic Group will continuously be at the forefront of management and corporate governance practices ensuring a management responsible for building enterprise value.

We work devotedly on our projects and services with our associates and stake holders and consider them as the central part of our existence. All our business projects and services focus on the core value of exceeding the stake holder’s satisfaction. We truly believe in the principle that all stake holders will fuel our future growth.

Professionalism is the key word for our group. Our approach towards each and every project is need driven and ensures top level of professionalism. For us professionalism is being true to our value proposition.

State-of-the-art Technology
We use state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology in providing unique and effective projects and services for our partners and associates to reach the market and audiences they seek. Our services are path breaking and often become the benchmark for our business verticals. We harness the best possible technology globally and are focused on delivering world class solutions and services to all our stake holders

Values and Ethics
We maintain high business values and ethics in all our businesses, earning the trust of associates, partners, investors and employees. Strong ethical values are strongly embedded in our organizational DNA.