CLASSIC GROUP | investments & consulting

Investments Division - Our Approach

Our Investment Objective
To help Investors / Partners / Associates generate consistent returns by investing in equity / equity linked instruments of companies that are engaged in Real Estate activities in India.

Investment Philosophy
• Active Management
• Conservative Approach & Diversified Investing
• Partnering with Local Players

Investment Process
• Sourcing Deal
• Due Diligence
• Conceptualization of the Project
• Constant Monitoring & Hand Holding

Competitive Advantages
• Professional Management with proven track Record
• Good Corporate Governance
• Extensive Relationships
• Independent

Target areas of Investment
• Commercial/IT/Office
• Retail
• Residential

We have acquired a comprehensive understanding of the processes involved in bringing projects to a successful conclusion. The Group itself has committed long-term investments in several projects and also uses its expertise to assist other project investors. This expertise encompasses infrastructural, commercial and business hemispheres.

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